Who We Are

Here in Canada, we are raising up a new generation of evangelists through our small mentoring Advance Groups, Advance Evangelism Summits and Evangelists Gatherings. We are showing the love of Jesus in deprived neighbourhoods through Eden.

But we are part of something so much bigger. With hubs in the UK, Germany and South Africa, The Message Trust is helping to transform lives around the world with the gospel and the love of Jesus. Check out what we have been up to below!

Across The Globe


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Meet The Team

Bill Hogg

National Director

Morag Hogg

Executive Assistant & Prayer Warrior

Sarah Abbott

Advance Ambassador

Marcus Baskie

Promotions Manager

Maxime Cauchon

Ambassador for Quebec and Francophone Canada

Finu Iype

Advance Ambassador

Heath Meikle

Eden Mobilizer

Sue Watkins

Financial Manager

Bill Hogg – National Director

Bill Hogg is Message Canada’s National Director. Originally from Scotland, Bill spent much of his childhood in the US and it was here in one camp, he met and responded to Jesus – but it wasn’t under his final year of school that he fully accepted Jesus into his life and sensed a call to use his life to advance the gospel.

Bill dreams of seeing a new generation of Canadian evangelists raised up by God and released into the harvest fields, and he longs to see teams of downwardly mobile urban missionaries put roots down deep in broken postal codes to share their lives, share the gospel, and to bless and elevate the poor. Bill is a dynamic evangelist and communicator who is available for outreach an events, training, and church gatherings.

Bill is a published author and former radio talk show host and has served as a pastor, professor, evangelist, and a movie extra! He was involved in pioneer evangelism in Scotland, developing Youth for Christ in his role as National Evangelist, he served as part of the Arrow Leadership Ministries faculty offering congregational and para-church leaders training in evangelism and he served as National Missiologist with a Canadian interdenominational church planting network. Bill has also been involved in assessing, coaching, training, and supporting church planters for several years and is part of the SEND Institute Missiologists Council, drafting the church planting manifesto. He also serves on the Church Planting Canada leadership team and his doctoral research focused on the missional renewal of the church.


‘Bill Hogg has a very unique and important calling to reestablish and enhance the role and calling of the evangelist in North America.  His life has prepared him for this moment. His passion for this cause is now brought to bear on this new and important ministry. May God bless it.’ – Alan Hirsch, Missiologist, Author

‘Bill Hogg is a passionate apostolic evangelist, with a razor-sharp mind and a tender heart. He communicates the gospel with clarity, cultural insight, and an uncanny sense of humor. Bill is a thoughtful missiologist and effective trainer who has invested his life in mobilizing the people of God on Jesus’ mission.  I am grateful for his friendship and commend him to you.’ – Mark Reynolds, Senior Strategic Advisor, Redeemer City To City

‘Bill’s zeal for communicating the gospel and gift in communicating the message appeals to a wide variety of people’ – Luis Palau

‘Bill Hogg’s deep love for Jesus and the kingdom, his understanding of the nuances of culture, and his powerful use of language allow him to address hearts like a surgeon’s scalpel. Where other speakers (or leaders if you like) will whip up emotion to a fevered frenzy and call it ‘life change’, Bill masterfully puts God’s truth in a context a listener can relate to. Profound and yet simple, he leads them to a fork in the road decision, based on truth rather than emotion. He is quite simply one of the most gifted and effective speakers I’ve had the privilege of learning with.’ – Dr. Carson Pue, Executive Mentor, Best-Selling Author

Morag Hogg – Executive Assistant & Prayer Warrior

Morag grew up in Scotland as a Mormon and it wasn’t until she attended a gospel concert as a teenager, at the invitation of a work colleague, that she had a life-transforming encounter with Jesus. Immediately after this, Morag spent time reading the bible, praying, growing in her faith and love for Jesus. When she met and married Bill, they kicked up their street evangelism, evangelistic campaigns, church revitalization and soccer camp ministry. Morag has a passion for seeing everyone develop a love for reading the bible and spending time with Jesus, for youth work, organising events and coordinating evangelistic soccer camps. Her love for prayer and intercession helps her be a prayer champion for Message Canada, coordinating prayer support for the ministry and for the growing team.

Sarah Abbott – Advance Ambassador

Having not grown up in church, Sarah was introduced to Jesus by those she met in everyday life. At 21 she decided to get baptized but it wasn’t until she experienced immense hardship that she desired more of God in her life. It was here in the place of difficulty that she saw Jesus as more than a superficial friend, he is everything to her.

Today, Sarah, her husband (Jordan) and their four kids, lead a church plant in Calgary in an area that is affectionately referred to as ‘The Hood’. Here, there is never a dull moment, and it’s here God’s shown Sarah that the safest place she could ever be is where he has asked her to go, even if the rest of the world sees it differently. 

Passionate about passion, Sarah wants everyone to know her greatest passion – Jesus! As an Advance Ambassador, Sarah serves and blesses the church by identifying and equipping evangelists, resourcing pastors, all with the great hope that people grow in their passion and boldness for evangelism, so that together we can share the good news of Jesus to our nation and beyond. 

Marcus Baskie – Promotions Manager

Marcus was born and raised in the Toronto and currently resides in the Greater Toronto Area with his wife, Lisa. He is currently working on his Master of Divinity degree at Northwest Baptist College and Seminary as a part of their immerse program.

Marcus is an avid musician and has an undergraduate degree from York University in Toronto in Jazz Performance on saxophone, piano and voice. While in school he also studied analytic philosophy and has a passion for apologetics and challenging culture with the rationality of the Christian worldview while reaching others with the love and truth of Christ.

Marcus also loves the outdoors and can often be found hiking, camping, snowboarding, and cross country skiing any chance he gets.

Maxime Cauchon – Advance Ambassador

Maxime has been married for 15 years, has three children and planted the Lighthouse Church in Quebec. He’s been in the ministry for seven years, and after planting a church, continued to work in ministry. His passion is church planting and Maxime now provides church planter, training, coaching and mentoring. He is also Director Of Church Planting, Multiplication And Evangelization for the Union of French-speaking Baptist Churches of Canada, and is now our Advance Ambassador for Quebec and Francophone Canada.

Finu Iype – Advance Ambassador

Finu Iype serves as the Regional Director for Church planting for Village Church in Ontario, which is a multisite church with a mission to see people transformed into fully devoted followers of Jesus! Finu has been involved in global evangelism, and church development ministry, and has held Pastor’s conferences and mass evangelism campaigns in over 20 nations.

He has coached and consulted on church revitalization and led annual gospel training events like GO Conference, GO United YA Conference, and GO Lead Pastor workshops in the Greater Toronto Area. Finu is married to Tresha and together they have two young daughters, Lauren and Catherine.

Heath Meikle – Eden Mobilizer

Heath is a veteran missionary evangelist, who along with his wife, Mariko planted a church in an anarchist community in Athens, Greece. Even in the face of violence and riots in Athens, Health and Mariko loved and served their neighbours, witnessing Jesus. From this sparked a passion for evangelism and seeing lives transformed by the gospel.

Now a Pastor in East Vancouver, Heath is also our Eden Mobilizer, where he provides support to congregations on the journey of Eden Team deployment. Heath is also an Adjunct Missions And Evangelism Professor and is available to coach Eden Leaders and teams in team-building and how to share the good news of Jesus with the least, last and lost in society in an engaging and relevant way. Heath’s desire to see neighbourhoods transformed by the hope and love of Jesus motivates him as he encourages and equips teams in their urban mission, community building and gospel proclamation across all cultures and social demographics.

Sue Watkins – Financial Manager

Sue grew up in Bournemouth on the south coast of England, where she has lived most of her life. She was introduced to Jesus in her early twenties and met her husband Andy at church, they have 3 children and 4 granddaughters.

Sue has been in finance since leaving school and helped run a family video production company doing the finances for many years, and was a church treasurer for 12 years until she responded to God’s call to move to Canada.

In 2012, Sue and Andy landed in Vancouver and Sue studied at Regent College where she obtained a Master’s Degree in Theological Studies. This re-established her passion for justice and speaking up for those without a voice. Working with Message Canada, she’s excited to be part of a vision to extend God’s Kingdom across Canada.