We want to raise up a new generation of evangelists across Canada fuelled with a passion to boldly declare the gospel from coast to coast.

Advance exists to promote and develop the calling of the evangelist, and is committed to the proclamation of the gospel and the support of those who share the good news of Jesus. Through group mentoring and evangelism training, Advance is committed to equipping and empowering those who have a desire to prioritise sharing the gospel.

We do this by:

  1. Supporting and developing evangelism across Canada
  2. Equipping those with the gift of an evangelist
  3. Enhancing collaboration and fellowship among evangelists
  4. Exchanging best practices for evangelism and mission
  5. Sharing resources
  6. Working together to reach more people for Jesus

Each Advance Group is centred on gathering, equipping and encouraging like-minded people passionate about sharing the gospel, and uses The Advance Group Mentoring Guide to support group leaders as they do this. We also have Advance Evangelism Summits which offer another opportunity for in depth training and encouragement as we press into God’s calling to share the gospel with the least, last and lost.


Find out more about Advance and how you can get involved in a group at